Why Choose Refurbished Copier?


The New Trend in Copier Purchase

Al Man Enterprise - Why Choose Refurbished Copier?Why buy refurbished copiers? The reasons are many, but the following two reasons carry the most weigth. First, refurbished copiers are literally as good as new. Second, they cost much less than the new copiers.

In other words, you will have the same perfromance you would have gotten from a new copier for less. That make buying a copier seemed simple. Be careful now! buying a copier is anything but simple.

Buying a copier can be very frustrating. A lot of information need to be collected before you can decide what type of copier to buy. Unfortunately, few people are aware of this fact. If you are planning to buy a copier, don’t spend a penny until you know all the tips and tricks of the trade. We will talk about those tips and tricks later. Suffice, now, that we provide you with some general guidelines about refurbished copiers.

Assume that you are starting a new business. Chances are you may need a copier. Depending on the business and number of users; you may need a commercial size copier. What if you are planning to upgrade your copier inventory? Should you buy new or refurbished copiers? You should weigh the advantages of doing either before you make a decision.

How heavy or light is your everyday use of a copier? The way you plan to use your copier should be a guide as to what segment would satisfy your need? Do you even know what we mean by segment? No, we are not talking about geometry. How about speed, do you know how many pages per minute (ppm) you would need your copier to print? How about monthly volume? Refurbished copiers, regardless of how you plan to use them, are available in all segments. Do not write them off in your planning.

Simply stated, the answers to the questions above should be your guideline to buying the right printer. Once you figure out how you would use your copier, you need to decide on a segment. That is where the rubber hits the road. Now you are looking at price. If your need requires heavy use of the copier, you need to choose a higher segment. If you fail to properly match use and segment; you would be buying a copier every other day. All right we are exaggerating here, but hopefully you get the picture.

Once you decide on a segment, you also need to know how deep your pocket is. Copiers are not cheap; especially if you are buyig new. The whole purchase phase can be summarized as follow: The heavier the use, the higher the segment, the pricier the copier. You should also bear in mind that the heavier the use, the faster your copier should be. The scary new is a copier’s price is proportional to its speed. That is, the faster the copier, the more expensive it is. With that said, should you buy or lease?

It is very important that you plan for the long run. Sometimes a copier can be fast enough for your need, and may produce the amount of your estimated monthly volume. However, it may not last you a year. That means, you may find a cheap copier that satisfies your immediate need. However, it would not last long because it was not built for heavy use.